All our dogs are family members. And...yes its hard to think at times of them as anything but human. Our family of dogs started when John and I married 18 years ago and John and Poe were bachelors together. Soon Paddi joined our family as Poes' mate. They never did have puppies together and when they passed we planted their bodies in a beautiful flower garden that we have named "Yellow Rose Memory Garden" I sit...quietly...alone. I reflect...on the gentle years we spent together. A carpet of wild flowers cascade the landscape. between the white crosses...where your bodies lie. You were our first loves...Poe...Paddi...We will never forget you. You are our Yellow Roses...from whom this kennel...bears its name!

Yellow Rose

The Family

A Yellow Rose...means Friendship!

As breeders of Yellow Labrador Retrievers, we believe that every Yellow Rose Puppy not only is your faithful friend...but will become a loyal family member. All eight of our Labrador Retrievers live in the house with us on a rotating basis. Babies are born in the living room and stay in our home until eight weeks old when they will go to their new families.

Each puppy is considered a "grandchild" so we are here for the duration of your puppies life; for encouragement, progress, bragging, and general help in any way.

Welcome to Yellow Rose Country Kennels


"Yellow Rose Where Faithful Loyalty Blooms True Friendship"


Yellow Rose would like to thank all of those that purchased a Yellow Rose puppy from the last litter. If you are interested in being placed on a waiting list for a future Yellow Rose Puppy please email or private message on Facebook from the following link. Next litter of puppies due April 10, 2015! "Facebook"


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